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What are the benefits of a NRAA membership?

The Nevada Registered Agent Association (NRAA) represents an industry that is of critical importance to the economic health of the state of Nevada. Our members work hard to attract new businesses to Nevada and assist them with our business filing structures.

NRAA members play a significant role in facilitating the revenue our state gains from new business filings:

Of the 55,000+ business structures formed in Nevada annually, over 80% were formed by people outside of Nevada.

These out-of-state incorporators are required to designate and maintain a registered agent to conduct business in Nevada, which means companies like our members helped bring in over 80% of Nevada Secretary of State revenue received.

There are approximately 280 registered agents within Nevada that each represent over 100 corporations and LLC’s. Fundamental to the success of our members is the pro-business stance Nevada has taken.
Our Impact

Main reason for Incorporating in Nevada:

Nevada is a favored jurisdiction for business entity formation

Nevada has promoted itself for decades as a ‘business friendly” state, and maintaining that benefit is critical to keep new entities incorporating in Nevada. Our strong liability protection laws, reasonable incorporation fees, and low tax environment are the reasons that tens of thousands of small business owners around the country incorporate here every year.

Without these benefits, Nevada would lose:

Up to 80%, or approximately $110,000,000, in revenue per fiscal year as business entities move to other jurisdictions

280+ registered agent businesses

1000+ jobs

133,000 estimated visits from out-of-state business owners

Millions of dollars deposited in Nevada banks

To become a member or find out more about the Nevada Registered Agent Association:

Contact Trevor Rowley by phone at (775) 284-3720.

You can also fill in our membership form.

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